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3D Imaging



CFC Industrial Training has developed a library of Three Dimensional Images and Animations of many hydraulic components.  These 3D renderings are a ground-breaking educational tool.  Easily view part disassembly and assembly, follow the flow of oil through components, understand hydraulic circuits, and visualize troubleshooting scenarios.  A truly advantageous addition to your company's training program.  CFC can make your two dimensional part images three dimensional, or create custom images based on your own specific components.  Contact us for more information!

3D Troubleshooting


It can be very difficult to illustrate the internal problems that can occur inside components; but with 3D imaging by CFC, 3D component cut-aways can show what actually happens when problems occur.

3D Rendering


CFC can convert your 2D illustrations or even your actual components into sophisticated 3D images.

3D Assembly/Disassembly


Visualize and understand the unique assembly and disassembly of components.

3D Run Modes


See parts in action!  Follow the flow of oil through hydaulic componentry.  Observe the internal actions that actually occur.  

3D System Overviews


CFC can illustrate a complete or partial system to show the full sequence of operation in a circuit all in a polished 3D overview.

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