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CFC complements our training programs with consulting services using the same subject matter experts that teach our courses.  We specialize in fluid power consulting; assisting clients from all industries in troubleshooting, startups and engineering support, including design.


We also offer digital Interactive Technical Manuals and 3-D Modeling services that can significantly enhance the ability of your personnel to understand and maintain their plant equipment.  We have a broad and detailed knowledge of major manufacturers’ products including Vickers/Eaton, Rexroth, Parker, Bosch, Denison, Nachi, Festo, SMC, etc.  This knowledge supports our ability to solve problems and provide solutions to your needs.


Our consulting services have been extensively utilized domestically and abroad.  CFC is trusted for consultation by the some of the most prominent business and agencies in the world.



It’s all about downtime.  Whether you have a persistent problem or a critical stoppage, CFC Industrial Training can provide your organization with world-class fluid power troubleshooting service to get you up and running. CFC Industrial Training’s troubleshooting consultants are internationally recognized and are the same experts that teach our troubleshooting courses.  Not only can we get your system back up quickly, we will instruct your personnel on why the system failed and offer advice and ideas on how to prevent such breakdowns in the future.  


Many of the failures in mechanical and hydraulic systems show similar symptoms and it often takes skilled individuals to correctly identify the problems.  Improperly diagnosing a problem can often lead to additional cost and safety hazards.  If your maintenance personnel are stumped by your equipment performance problems or you simply want some verification of your analysis, we can help!


Contact us now for availability!  Our fluid power troubleshooting technicians will work tirelessly to get your systems back on line.



Engineering & Design



CFC-Solar’s Engineering & Design services can assist you in multiple areas including:


Analysis:  We often conduct a performance analysis of an existing fluid power/electrical system and recommend which components of the system should be repaired, overhauled or replaced.  We can help you convert existing equipment from old, foreign or outdated manufacturers’ components to new, available and standardized equipment of preferred manufacturers.


Design:  Our design experience ranges from complete power units to lube systems to components driving elevators on aircraft carriers!


Schematics:  Schematics are key to understanding your machinery.  Often they are outdated or are missing and we can recreate them in CAD or any format that works best for you. Additionally, we can color schematic lines and energized components, showing the complete sequence of operation for a given system, illustrating flow, component interactivity, and valve positioning in various operating statuses.


Review:  We can help you review a description of your product for accuracy and most effective presentation in your publication materials.


Legal:  We can and have represented manufacturers as professional witnesses during litigation in describing the function of a component or system and possible causes of failure or accident.


Start Ups & Upgrades:  Start ups are often confusing, characterized by a laundry list of problems.  We can help by preparing an inventory of tasks to be accomplished and sequencing these tasks appropriately.  Additionally, we can be on-hand when the system is started up to isolate problems and correct them as needed.  Upgrades and retrofits can often include sizing and design issues and also involve manufacturers of outdated or unavailable components.  CFC has extensive experience in these areas and, using our broad knowledge of manufacturers’ products, we can sort through the many product choices to arrive at the most desirable solution.


Contact us and let us put our expertise to work for you!

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