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An automotive assembly plant installed a simple two speed circuit, to advance a hydraulically driven cylinder at high speed, and shift to a slower speed for pressing.  (See figure below, which the maintenance supervisor used for plumbing.)


Plant personnel were experiencing problems with the alignment of the steel stamping being out of line with the bored hole in the casting when shifting into slow speed.  Shifting the 2-position directional valve to the slow pressing speed triggered a “bump” or “jolt” causing unwanted movement of the stamping.


In a recent hydraulic class, they were taught that fast shifting directional valves can cause s...

An automotive company built an assembly plant on land that had a limestone base. Research found that if the limestone was removed, crushed and re-laid, the plant stability and harmonics would be improved to a point that would offset the cost of crushing the limestone.


They used a large rock crusher that had a fairly simple hydraulic circuit.  Two Caterpillar front end loaders would dump large chunks of broken limestone into a chute from either side of the rock crusher.  A mechanical vibrator would move the limestone down to a large rotating drum with 50 to 60 swinging hammers that would pulverize the limestone into stones no larger than...

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