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A scrap yard had a metal compactor that is fed by a large metal shredding machine driven by a 1500 HP electric motor.  The compactor had a 3-bank series manifold with DO5 directional valves incorporating A & B meter-out flow controls.  Circuit reliefs were used on all the A & B lines to protect the vane pumps and reduce energy consumption.  Only one circuit at a time would be engaged during operation and each function would operate at a different pressure.  The PLC program was checked and verified that all the interlocks would only let one function operate at a time.  The lowest relief valve was set at 600 psi while the highest relieved...

A plating mill receives 6-8 ft. wide coiled steel and chemically treats it with a process similar to galvanizing.  The rolls have about a 4-6 ft. OD and are unraveled like paper towels.  The loose end of a sheet is fed into a pair of pinch rolls that direct the steel through several stations that wash, rinse, dry, and heat it.  After it is coated and treated, the steel is then rolled back into 4-6 ft. coils and shipped to automotive stamping plants.  An impressive mill like thid can be a city block long.


Feeding a new sheet into the pinch rolls and subsequent stations is time consuming.  To reduce this bottleneck, plant pe...

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