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Electrical Principles and Practices is an introduction to electrical and electronic principles and their residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Expanded content includes information on NFPA 70E® arc blast and arc flash requirements, portable generator sizing, power optimization, utility power factor and peak demand penalty, load shedding, power factor correction, smart grid and smart appliance technology, and wireless speakers.


• Electricity Principles

• Basic Quantities

• Ohm’s Law and the Power Formula

• Safety

• Math Principles

• Math Applications

• Numbering Systems and Codes

• Meter Abbreviations and Displays

• Taking Standard Measurements

• Symbols and Printreading

• Circuit Conductors, Connections, and Protection

• Series Circuits

• Parallel Circuits

• Series/Parallel Circuits

• Transformers and Smart Grid Technology

• Electric Motors

• Resistance, Inductance, and Capacitance

• Circuit Requirements

• Residential Circuits

• Commercial Circuits

• Industrial Circuits

• Fluid Power Circuits

• Audio Systems

• Electronic Control Devices

• Digital Electronic Circuits


  • Author(s): Glen A. Mazur, Peter A. Zurlis

ATP Electrical Principles and Practices

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