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Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are increasing in use, and technicians in all fields must be familiar with the fundamentals of installing, programming, and troubleshooting digital and analog PLCs. Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers is a text/workbook that provides a solid foundation in PLC theory, installation, programming, operation, and troubleshooting. Many large, detailed drawings of commercial and industrial PLC systems are used to support the information in the textbook.


Although hands-on training on industrial equipment is the best training method, teaching the use of digital and analog PLCs is often a challenge because of the high costs of equipment. This training package provides several alternatives to these costs.


• PLC and Electrical Safety

• Electrical Principles and PLCs

• Electrical Circuits and PLCs

• PLC Hardware

• PLC Programming Instructions

• Programming PLC Timers and Counters

• PLC and System Interfacing

• PLC Installations and Startup

• PLC and System Maintenance

• Troubleshooting Principles and Test Instruments

• Troubleshooting PLC Hardware

• Troubleshooting with PLC Software

• Analog Principles

• Analog Device Installation and PLC Programming


Author(s): Glen A. Mazur, William J. Weindorf

ATP Intro to Programmable Logic Controllers

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