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Troubleshooting Electrical/Electronic Systems covers all aspects of troubleshooting electrical and electronic systems. This text/workbook is designed for use in the electrical industry, electrical training programs, and related fields.


Each chapter contains electrical and electronic system applications, step-by-step troubleshooting procedures, and hands-on activities that reinforce the concepts presented. This edition includes new and expanded coverage of alternative energy systems, NFPA 70E® requirements, and motor nameplate interpretation.


• Troubleshooting

• Basic Electrical Theory

• Symbols and Circuits

• Meter Symbols and Terminology

• Meters

• Special Meters

• Basic Circuit Measurements

• Relays and Motor Starters

• Troubleshooting Relays and Starters

• Motor Electrical Problems

• Motor Mechanical Problems

• Troubleshooting DC Motors

• Troubleshooting AC Motors

• Power Distribution

• Troubleshooting Power Quality

• Troubleshooting Motor Control Circuits

• Electric Motor Drives

• Troubleshooting Electric Motor Drives

• Lighting Circuits

• Troubleshooting Lighting Circuits

• Solenoids and Heating Elements

• Mechanical and Solid-State Switches

• Diodes, Transistors, and Thyristors

• Testing Diodes, Transistors, and Thyristors

• Programmable Controllers

• Alternative Energy Systems

• Preventive Maintenance


Author(s): Glen A. Mazur, Thomas E. Proctor

ATP Troubleshooting Electrical/Electronic Systems

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