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CFC Industrial Training is a global leader providing training and certification in hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, and mechanical skills for industrial and mobile markets.  Recognized and trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies and international trade groups, for outstanding classroom Training, indispensible Interactive Technical Manuals, expert Consulting Services, and convenient self-paced eLearning.  CFC Industrial Training offers many more unique products and specialized services.  Let CFC propel your company with the technical knowledge and skills you require!

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CFC Industrial Training is a global leader in providing training and certification in hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and mechanical skills for industrial and mobile markets.  Take advantage of our world-class training; recognized by leading Fortune 500 companies, and taught by experienced experts utilizing unique training tools.  Learn more!

IETM, Interactive Electronic Technical Manual

Interactive Technical Manual (ITM)


Advance to the cutting-edge training and technical reference tool... The equipment-specific Interactive Technical Manual (ITM)!  From boom lifts to oil rigs, bring your documentation to life in an innovative, easy-to-use interface!  Featuring eCommerce integration, and Real-Time Data linking, the ITM brings the information you need to your fingertips!  Learn more!

Hydraulic Consulting services

Consulting Services


CFC complements our training programs with consulting services using the same subject matter experts that teach our courses.  We specialize in fluid power consulting; assisting clients from all industries in troubleshooting, startups and engineering support, including design.  Learn more!

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CFC offers courses in an online self-paced format. Course topics cover both industrial and mobile environments; including industry and machine specific applications. These online classes provide students the opportunity to complete courses at their convenience, and at a pace that fits their lifestyles and schedules. Learn more!

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CFC Industrial Training has designed unique, hand-on Trainers.   We utilize these specialized training tools in our own world-class training and certification classes for excellent understanding and retention of skills. Learn more!

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Learning Management System (LMS)


Learning Management Systems (LMSs) change the way your company can train and certify your employees. Contact CFC to see how we can easily empower your company to utilize a time and cost saving LMS.

3d rendering, 3d imaging, 3d animation, 3d component

3D Imaging


CFC Industrial Training has developed a library of Three Dimensional Images and Animations of many hydraulic components.  These 3D renderings are a ground-breaking educational tool.  Easily view part disassembly and assembly, follow the flow of oil through components, understand hydraulic circuits, and visualize troubleshooting scenarios.  A truly advantageous addition to your company's training program.  Learn more!

training course development, presetation development, hydraulic training course

Course/Presentation Development


CFC can take lacking or outdated courses and presentations and turn them into professional and interactive learning modules and presentations. Whether your Powerpoint needs rewording and uniformity, or you want to turn your training course into a SCORM-compliant learning module for delivery, CFC can help.  Contact us for more information.

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Are your schematics outdated, missing components, innaccurate, or nonexistant?  CFC Industrial Training can help!  Along with schematic development and corrections, we can also create unique Operating Status Schematics.  These prints feature colored scematic lines and energized components, showing the complete sequence of operation for a given system, illustrating flow, component interactivity, and valve positioning in various Operating Statuses.  Contact us for more information.

Troublshooting Flowchart, hydraulic troubleshooting, pneumatic troubleshooting

Documentation Development


CFC can assist your company in the creation of Documentation that is specific and neccessary for your company, from Troubleshooting Flowcharts to Safety Guidelines.  Contact us for more information.

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Hydraulic Help Blog


The Hydraulic Help blog by CFC Founder and hydraulic expert Bob Sheaf is a unique repository of industry-related subject matter.  Informative articles are frequently posted to educate and inspire.

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