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Educational and promotional multimedia can be affordably developed with the assuredness of Subject Matter accuracy.  With our recording flexibility, CFC can help you meet the Audio/Visual needs of a modernizing and growing workforce and client-base.

Capture Tribal Knowledge


As personnel changes over time, the collective knowledge of maintenance and operations teams can easily change hands through on-the-job training and verbal instruction from managers and peers.  However, exiting veteran employees, and any aspect of operation that isn't fully grasped by management or the entire team, can severely threaten productivity.  Capturing the "tribal knowledge" of expert personnel and incorporating it into a cohesive skills-building medium can improve workflow, empower new hires, and future-proof your team's ability to effectively operate and maintain machinery.  From instructional video, to photo-documented procedural manuals and ITMs, CFC's Audio/Video team can create the ultimate on-the-job training material.


Record Machine Operations

Reducing downtime, and increasing productivity without sacrificing quality is the core of manufacturing.  Also, a firm understanding system components and procedures ensures safe and effective use of equipment.  Filming machine processes, componentry, maintenance, and troubleshooting activity, provides an easy-to-understand reference or training video to rapidly educate employees (or even your end-user clientele).  Our staff can rapidly deploy in-the-field or in-studio filming of machinery and componentry to bring concepts to life.

Live Broadcasts

In-person training, instruction, seminars, or meetings are the best way to engage with and capture your audience, in a way that is meaningful and ensures retention.  However, distance, cost, time, and/or safety can lead to hinderances in conducting such in-person activities.  CFC's Studio can provide HD, multi-channel live video production streamed over industry-standard video conferencing applications.  Take advantage of greenscreens, teleprompters, bumper music, and studio engineers to enhance your broadcast and provide captivating content.

Detailed Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Enhance your documentation, presentations, websites, catalogues, and more with digital photography of your equipment.  CFC can photograph systems right down to individual components.  Our Subject Matter Experts can further enhance photos with identification, labeling, and other annotations.

Professional Script Writing & Voiceover

Articulately describing your equipment, processes, or products can be challenging.  Whether technical or promotional in nature, allow CFC's team of writers and Subject Matter Experts to craft powerful wording for your project.  In addition to scripting, CFC provides professional voiceover to accompany videos, presentations, or online training modules.

Audio/Photo/Video Editing

Making your multimedia look as professional and up-to-date as possible is essential before presenting material to employees, investors, or clients.  CFC can polish assets that are antiquated, in various formats, or in need of editing and enhancements.

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