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On-the-job or on-the-couch - with our eLearning courses, technical training doesn't mean time constraints. Online courses can be easily managed through CFC's LMS Portal, and technical support is readily available.



Our online training courses offer the same in-depth subject-matter as our renowned Live Training.  So much more than generalized canned modules, CFC eLearning delves into mobile and industrial-specific applications in hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, control systems, and more.  These modules help bring new hires up-to-speed, and are a go-to refresher for more seasoned employees, or those looking to expand their knowledge-base into new disciplines.  From basic to advanced, online learning can be accomplished at a pace that fits anyone's lifestyle and schedule.

Accredited Presenters


Presenting our eLearning courses are our accredited instructors that train in compliance with International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) and National Craft Assessment & Certification (NCCER) and have years of real-world experience.  They are subject matter experts recognized throughout the industry, but just as importantly, they enjoy teaching and sharing their knowledge with class participants.

Real-World Examples


Our specialty hands-on training equipment and demonstrative systems are filmed along with component cut-aways and take-aparts.  These real-world examples help course viewers visualize concepts in a tangible way.  

Progress Reporting

User progress can be directly monitored and reported via email to managers and training leads.  Certificate documents can also be issued upon successful course completion.  This enables organizations to empower staff members with guided learning paths that are customization and effective.

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