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CFC Industrial Training is a global leader in providing training and certification in hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, PLC, mechanical, and multi-craft skills for industrial and mobile markets. Instructor-led courses unite hands-on training with outstanding multimedia visuals to present concepts in a way that increases student interest and enhances knowledge retention through interaction.

Anytime, Anywhere


We provide direct Industry and/or Machine-specific instructor-led training onsite to companies throughout the world.  Onsite training can be conducted within the plant or at any location that works best for your organization.  We have taken our Hydraulic trainers 1,000 feet underground to conduct in-plant training!  Alternatively, we offer courses at our US headquarters located in the Midwest.  Night classes, 3rd shift, weekend, half-day weekday classes, are all options provided to meet the needs of your workforce.


Accredited Instructors


Our accredited instructors train in compliance with International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) and National Craft Assessment & Certification (NCCER) and have years of real-world experience.  They are subject matter experts recognized throughout the industry, but just as importantly, they enjoy teaching and sharing their knowledge with class participants.

Hands-On Labs & Interactive Multimedia


Our live curriculum consists of hands-on training and multimedia presentations including video, animation/3D components, and classroom instruction with reference materials.  Train on our specialty hands-on training equipment and, whenever possible, your actual on-site equipment.  Real-world component cut-aways and take-aparts make concepts tactile and tangible.  Interactive Technical Manuals can enhance retention and provide a post-training reference guide.


Discrete Facilitation

CFC boasts the unique ability to discretely and professionally facilitate training on behalf of Manufacturers (both User  and OEM) and Distributors.  By providing subject matter experts to execute classes where time, location, or expertise may prohibit it for your staff alone.  This intimate partnership can bolster your company's prowess and extend your brand.

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