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Technical Manual
The Interactive electronic Technical Manual (ITM) allows for the capture and real-time sharing of equipment-specific tribal knowledge.  Featuring cloud-based storage for rapid global updates and multiplatform access.  The ITM puts the critical data and info you need, literally, at your fingertips.
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Troubleshooting Reference


Comprehensive documentation will ensure that when problems occur, the correct information can be rapidly and effectively recalled to aid in positive diagnoses and effective troubleshooting - mitigating downtime, and shortening it when it does occur.  Nearly any device can access the ITM and store it for on-demand use - even offline.  This ease-of-access will ensure all staff can access the correct information the first time - and every time.

Digital Twinning


Accurate representation of machine systems (particularly fluid power systems) can be daunting.  CFC's team of Subject Matter Experts specializes in twinning your system through interactive prints.  These toggle-able Operating Status prints express changes in the system through color-coding compliant with ISO standards, valve pattern shifts, and solenoid activation indication.  Schematic components feature hotspot linking to searchable BOMs and detailed Component Sheets featuring technical writing, troubleshooting videos, actual component photos, and detailed part nomenclature.  Our unique software accurately and rapidly recreates your system into a detailed technical reference tool.


Parts eStore


Improper part reordering can lead to expensive errors that could also be major safety concerns.  The ITM's detailed technical writing on individual components and their systemic interactions, help ensure that the troubleshooting actions taken by your staff are precise and efficacious.  Proper documentation of part number/nomenclature and optional direct-linking to eCommerce sites ensures accurate part reordering.     

Real-Time Data


The ITM is the perfect partner for Real-Time Data and IIoT platforms.  HTML5 format allows for potential gateways between component data readout dashboards and the ITM's specific component reference pages.  This interplay between technical reference, troubleshooting, and active machine-monitoring gives real-world meaning to your incoming machine data. 



As remote work increases in scope and tribal knowledge becomes increasingly valuable - today's workforce faces increased challenges, but with them come increased opportunities to work smarter and more efficiently than before.  The ITM pairs with our SMARTsuite of devices to facilitate remote diagnostics and collaboration.

Custom Videos

Integral system components and functions can be described in detail through custom videos.  Subject Matter Experts will explain the location, details, and function of select components and their interaction in the system as a whole.  These thorough yet easy-to-understand videos can cover important tribal knowledge, troubleshooting techniques, and critical safety information to be recalled at any time.

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