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Advance to the cutting-edge training and technical reference tool... The equipment-specific Interactive Technical Manual (ITM)!  From boom lifts to oil rigs, bring your documentation to life in an innovative, easy-to-use interface!  Featuring eCommerce integration and Real-Time Data linking, the ITM brings the information you need to your fingertips!

Enable your staff to maintain equipment at peak performance with interactive schematics and photo navigation pinpointing specific components.  Utilize troubleshooting videos & flowcharts for high efficiency and less down-time.  The ITM is CFC's interactive technical electronic manual.  It can be created as part of a training program, implemented as a maintenance and troubleshooting resource, or used to  launch Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and digital twinning endeavors efficaciously.  OEM’s and fluid power distributors may also leverage the ITM as a revenue source via redistribution and interactive parts ordering.  Contact CFC for more information on this unique and unprecedented tool!

ITMs link the following information in an efficient, user-friendly interface:

  • Hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic, mechanical schematics, and drawings

  • Systematic photo navigation

  • Component photos

  • OEM Replacement and alternate part numbers

  • Stock code numbers

  • Component descriptions

  • Safety information and guidelines

  • Component functionalities

  • Generic training and troubleshooting information

  • Equipment-specific troubleshooting videos, flow-charts, and documentation


Additionally, ITMs document the complete sequence of operation of a given system, illustrating flow, component interactivity, solenoid energization, and valve positioning in various operating statuses.


The ITM has proven to be an economical and invaluable tool for:

  • Training Personnel tasked with the challenge of increasing equipment knowledge and troubleshooting processes

  • Maintenance Management seeking viable solutions to significantly reduce downtime of critical equipment

  • Technicians and Operators in need of digital, cutting-edge, user-friendly assistance in maintenance, diagnostics, and parts-ordering

  • Sales and Consultants working to increase marketability of products and information in a competitive, tech-savvy sales environment 

  • Business Intelligence Analysts modernizing machine monitoring and documentation into IIOT and Digital Twinning initiatives

  • Aftermarket Sales and Field Service Representatives looking to increase eCommerce revenue and ensure accurate part ordering

IETM, Interacive Electronic Technical Manual

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