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A leading educational consultant recently advised a large community college organization that the key to succeeding in contract training was to obtain experts in areas that are of interest to your local clients; then co-brand, co-sponsor, and co-market theses experts’ services to your clients.


CFC has a proven track record of successfully working with academic institutions, enabling them to serve the industrial training needs of their respective business communities...

What CFC can bring to your current industrial program:


Enhancement: We offer everything from a single course to a complete series of multi-craft courses leading to certification. Our industrial courses can be used in part or in whole to supplement your organizations current industrial program. Courses are hands-on, which includes real-world training equipment. Instructors are up to date on the latest industrial technology.


Certification: We do more certification training for the Fluid Power Society (FPS) than any other organization. See additional information below about this option.


Flexibility: We can use your training equipment and curriculum if you already have these in place and simply need experienced instructors.


Mobility: We provide onsite training almost anywhere. We can conduct training on campus or at your client’s location no matter where it’s located. (We have conducted class 1000’ underground!)


Sales Support: Our sales staff is ready to support you in joint-venture sales calls and conference calls. We “talk the talk” with the best of them! Training can be marketed entirely under your name or if desired, co-marketed along with our name.


Help in fending off outside training vendors : Many industrial training firms offer training seminars at local hotels around the country. Some of this training is of poor quality; however, some is in fact good. You don’t need to lose your clients to these out-of-state firms. The businesses in your area are probably sending their personnel to these seminars because they are either unaware of your capability or they don’t think you have the experience and knowledge to teach them what they need to know. We can give you instant credibility and keep those clients coming to you!


Confidentiality: Your clients remain yours. We can supply a list of references that will vouch for our reputation. We will always refer all training requests from your clients back though your organization.


New Clients: Once we have established a relationship with your organization, we will refer new clients that we come in contact with, in your area, back to you. We will also bring our old clients that are in your area to you if you have not worked with them in the past. We benefit from this in that you can provide additional services to our clients that overall enhance our ability to provide outstanding service.


Blended learning components: Our courses are a mixture of instructor-led hands-on training combined with outstanding multimedia visuals. We provide the full compliment of learning mediums: Live on-site instruction, online training, and CD-ROM’s. Soon we will also be offering live distance learning!


Assessments: We can provide assessments (paper or online) that you can use to qualify your clients.


Training Equipment: If you are looking for training equipment, we have access to all major brands and we can even build some specific equipment ourselves. If you are already working with a hardware vendor, we can be there to simply give you advice.


Extending your reach: We train and consult throughout the U.S. and internationally. This means that you can now offer training to businesses in your area that also have locations in other parts of the country. If you have a corporate office in your area, you can offer that client an industrial training program that delivers consistent training along with the ability to manage the program.

IFPS Certification for non-credit and credit programs


Certification for individuals in the fluid power and motion control industry can be obtained through the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS). Their certification signifies an individual’s ability to perform and understand maintenance skills/tasks specific to industries using hydraulics and pneumatics. CFC does more IFPS certification training than any other organization and we can provide this training for both credit and non-credit programs.


For non-credit training, we can offer a series of courses that have been mapped to the certification skills. For credit programs we can offer a review and test that can be blended with any of your industrial degree’s. In many instances, this certification will represent the first non-academic exam that your students will take, allowing them to achieve real-world professional acceptance in their field, impacting both their motivation and self-esteem.


Academic Partnership Case Studies

For specific examples of the past and current programs we have with academics organizations, contact us!


How will a partnership with CFC-Solar work for you?

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and industry reputation that will strengthen your image in the regional business community and enhance your existing industrial academic programs. Contact us today!

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