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CFC's Subject Matter Experts carefully review machinery and create precise schematics with detailed bills of material.  Old systems, retrofits, piecemealed systems, new build-outs, and start-ups all can be riddled with missing or inaccurate documentation that must be rectified.

Accurate Nomenclature & Tech Writing

CFC's Subject Matter Experts identify and describe system componentry with detail and accuracy.  Detailing functional notes, indicative characteristics, safety concerns, and OEM part numbers to precisely record what components you have, and how they function in the system as a whole.

System Operating Conditions


As a machine cycles or performs different tasks, knowing how each component interacts with the system as a whole is crucial.  Components can move and can behave differently depending on what the machine is doing.  CFC can color and annotate machine prints per ISO standards to effectively illustrate how the system behaves in various operating conditions.  This is critical to truly understand component functions and to troubleshoot problems in the system.

Troubleshooting Protocols


When problems occur that lead to down-time or reduced productivity, all that matters is rapidly restoring efficient operation.  From basic flowcharts to advanced troubleshooting and maintenance protocols, CFC provides documentation to assist in in the troubleshooting process.  Find the source of the problem, and provide the correct remedy.

Alternate/Updated Components

Parts on antiquated or bespoke equipment and systems can be a nightmare to identify and track down.  OEM part obsolescence, "legacy" part numbers, and defunct manufacturers all complicate the issue.  Our team can identify your component and list a modern replacement or an alternate component that will safely work in lieu of the original.

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