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Specifying, designing, building, and installing new systems, or modifying existing systems is always a challenge.  Regardless of what stage your project is in, CFC can guide you though, or tackle the problem head-on for you. 

Experienced & Trusted

Our select team of engineers have years of real-world experience.  They are subject matter experts recognized throughout the industry, and have extensive and diverse backgrounds in a range of industrial and mobile applications.  Our team is strategically able to offer personal attention to our clients and their projects - providing results where others often fail.

Turnkey Solutions

From design, to sourcing, to ordering, to install, CFC can guide the way.  Whether assessing technical design elements or turning wrenches, we can delve into any aspect of the project and see it through to fruition.


At the core of our engineering efforts, we want to empower you to succeed.  Training is in our name, and we can complement design and build work with our world-class training.  We train and support your staff in the detailed understanding of the system, safety, and common troubleshooting scenarios; equipping them for use of the system.

Documentation & ITMs

Accurate and complete documentation can make all the difference in a design and build.  CFC will leave you with detailed documentation of our work.  Furthermore, our unique Interactive Technical Manual can document your entire system for detailed reference.  The ITM puts the critical data and info you need, literally, at your fingertips.

Complete Confidentiality

Discretion and privacy are of paramount importance to CFC.  We have discretely facilitated engineering and training operations for countless multi-national corporations and government agencies.  Our strategic size and deployable staff enables us to effectively execute highly classified projects or simply maintain anonymity as we carry out your requests.

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