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The Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers Applications Manual is designed to provide experience with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and programmable logic relays (PLRs) in typical commercial and industrial control circuits. The 70 activities in the applications manual reinforce the digital and analog information presented in the textbook. Step-by-step procedures detail the creation of pencil-and-paper programming and wiring diagrams, and ultimately, the hardwiring of control circuits using MicroLogix™ 1000 PLCs and TECO SG2 PLRs, digital and analog input devices, and output components.


  • PLC and Electrical Safety
  • Electrical Principles and PLCs
  • Electrical Circuits and PLCs
  • PLC Hardware
  • PLC Programming Instructions
  • Programming PLC Timers and Counters
  • PLC and System Interfacing
  • PLC Installations and Startup
  • PLC and System Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting Principles and Test Instruments
  • Troubleshooting PLC Hardware
  • Troubleshooting with PLC Software
  • Analog Principles
  • Analog Device Installation and PLC Programming


Author(s): Glen A. Mazur, William J. Weindorf

ATP Intro to Programmable Logic Controllers Applications Manual

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