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Motors provides a comprehensive overview of electrical theory and fundamental motor operating principles as they relate to installation and troubleshooting procedures. This full-color textbook includes the latest information on motor operating principles, starting, braking, and the mechanical aspects of installing and operating motors. Motors is designed to help the learner understand both fundamental and advanced concepts.


Many different types of specialized motors are explained. Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting are discussed in detail. Motors also presents correct safety procedures in compliance with the National Electrical Code® and NFPA 70E®. It can be used in a classroom learning situation, as a self-study textbook, or as a reference book on specialized motors applications.


• Magnetism and Induction

• Motor Construction and Nameplates

• AC Alternators

• Three-Phase Motors

• Squirrel-Cage Motors

• Wound-Rotor Motors

• Synchronous Motors

• Single-Phase Motors

• Motor Protection

• DC Motors and Generators

• Starting

• Braking

• Multispeed Motors

• Adjustable-Speed Drives

• Bearings

• Drive Systems and Clutches

• Motor Alignment

• Troubleshooting Motors

• Special-Application Motors

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Author(s): In Partnership with the electrical training ALLIANCE

ATP Motors

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