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  • 24-volt power supply capable of 2.4 amps

  • Configurable proportional valve amplifier to drive any brand of proportional valve independently from the amplifier card

  • Independent Internal Command Signal Generator to drive valves with on board electronics (OBE)

  • Accepts 32 or 48 pin amplifier cards of the 2 and 3 row type Euro-card format

  • 32 and 48 pin cardholders are wired to individual banana jacks for easy patch cord connections

  • Twenty patch cord jumpers are provided for various wiring connections

  • DIN EN175201-804, 7 pin plug & cable for OBE valves

  • Two solenoid-connecting cables with banana plugs on one end and 3-prong plugs (ISO 440, ANSI B 93.94M, DIN43650) on the other end to connect and drive a valve with or without feedback

  • Configurable Servo Valve Driver capable of driving any Torque Motor Coils to +/- 200 mA - Comes Prewired for Series connection to the Valve with a 4-Pin MS3106 cord-set

  • LVDT plug and banana plug cord to facilitate valves using a feedback device

  • Two 5K-ohm potentiometers for varying the control (command) voltage (1K and 10K options available)

  • Four SPDT switches for simulating set points, presets, etc.

  • 6' 120-volt power cable, input fuse (1.8 amps) switch, and power on light


Weight: 18 lbs. (approx.)

Size: Length 18.5", Width 15", Height 7"

Proportional Valve Electronic Tester/Trainer

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