• 110 volt to 12 volt DC Power Supply

  • Ignition System Simulator Circuit, including: Key Switch, Starter, Solenoid, and Engine Simulator

  • Forward, Neutral, Reverse Transmission Shifter

  • Throttle and Brake Simulator

  • Smart Sensors, Fuel Level Sender, Temperature Sensors, Oil Pressure Sender, and Universal Relays

  • Full Simulated Lighting and Indicator Circuits, including: Headlights, Taillights, Flashers, and Running Lights.

  • Smart Sensors, Fuel Level  Sender, Temperature  Sensors, Oil Pressure  Sender, and Universal  Relays

  • Other Options Available Upon Request


Weight: 80 lbs. (approx.)

Size: Length 38", Width 28", Height 15"

Truck Electronics Trainer